About us

Win Rent a Car is a company founded from the passion for cars and the desire to meet the need for mobility and flexibility of those who want to rent a car for a short or long time.


Win Rent a Car Cluj was born 15 years ago, during which time it met thousands of customers satisfied with the services that the Win Rent a Car Cluj company offers

The experience gained for more than a decade has helped us to constantly improve our car rental services in Cluj, so that we can live up to the expectations of our customers, offering them flexibility, accessible and fast services, starting with the booking process and taking over the vehicles, until the delivery.
Win Rent a Car Cluj offers customers car rental services with pick-up and delivery from several locations.
Our fleet of cars and vans is diversified by premium brands such as: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, vehicles with manual or automatic transmission, 4x4 traction vehicles ready to offer you the necessary comfort during your trip.
We pay special attention to our vehicles, which we carefully maintain in our own service.

Devotion and involvement have been the basis of the quality services we have provided to our customers for more than a decade. Time has helped us to gather the necessary experience to offer you fast, accessible services and flexibility in the process of booking and picking up vehicles, but also in the delivery process.

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