There is no need to pay in advance for the telephone or online booking you have made for the car. When you pick up the car you can pay by CARD or in CASH (with RON, EURO, USD or other convertible currencies at the BNR exchange rate on the day of payment).

An international driving license will be required if the one you hold has been issued by a non-European country (Canada, Australia, USA, etc.), if your license is issued in an alphabet other than Latin, ie in Japanese, Greek, Arabic, Russian, etc. and for those obtained by right-hand drive (UK, India, Australia, Japan).

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, that's why we want to offer you a car to your liking. If the chosen car does not meet your preferences, all you have to do is contact us by phone to choose another vehicle for you. If you encounter a defect in the vehicle provided by us, please contact us as soon as possible to replace the car.

The rental period of the car may be extended subject to the agreement of the agency, which will request in addition the payment of the rental days as well as any additional options to the original reservation.

Yes, if the person being booked meets the rental conditions.

When choosing a car rented from us, think about how much space you need for passengers and luggage and choose the right car. Also think about the distances you have to travel and if you need a car with a manual or automatic gearbox.

The rented car can be driven by two drivers, and for each additional driver a fee of 70 RON / user will be charged, including VAT. The full rental conditions also apply to additional drivers.

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