Choose the right car for your trip

Choose the right car for your trip

Whether we are talking about a long road or a shorter one, it is very important to find out details about the road in front of you, details about the road surface, easy or difficult road sections, the number of people you will be traveling with , etc. For this reason, we want to help you with some suggestions that you may not have thought of, thus making your choice of car easier.

Below we will present some of the things that we thought were worth paying attention to before setting off.


Road surface

First of all, before choosing a car, we think it is helpful to inform yourself about the road surface. This information is all the more important, especially if you are thinking of traveling in the mountain area. You can expect bumpy roads and hard-to-reach places, and in this case, a car specially equipped for such roads, with special tires, 4x4 traction and elevated is a great help to travel the roads in a timely manner and especially safely.

In our car rental fleet from Win you can find different cars that are a great help for such roads. Among these cars are the BMW X3 or Dacia Duster, cars prepared to run both on paved and easily practicable roads, as well as on certain roads that are more difficult to access.


Travel needs

Another thing we consider important is the need you have related to the upcoming trip. For you, it might be that the shortest possible time spent on the road is very important, so as not to waste too much time in terms of traveling to your destination. For this reason, probably a slightly faster car would be of great help.

For others, perhaps an important aspect is represented by the comfort that the car they want to rent has. They may not be very interested in the length of time spent on the road, but they definitely want that time to be restful and relaxing, looking for increased comfort for this reason. We are happy to inform you that we also have such cars in the Win Rent a Car fleet. You can see all the cars by accessing our website by clicking here.

Another aspect that probably most people think about when they rent a car are the costs. If you want the costs related to the road to be minimal at the end of the trip, we recommend renting a compact and economical car from our fleet, the costs being low both in terms of rental and consumption. An advantage is that on our website you can find the average fuel consumption for each car, so you can get an idea of what the road costs will be.


Number of seats

Another important thing to consider is the number of people traveling with the same means of transport. It would be nice for both the driver and the rest of the passengers to have plenty of comfort during the journey, and that's why it's good to rent the right car for the number of people. Don't worry... we have perfect cars both for a small number of people, as well as cars with 5+1 seats or 8+1 seats, for traveling together with more people.

We know that there could be other recommendations, but we will limit ourselves to these. Don't forget that at Win Rent a Car you can find different types of cars, depending on the running surface, your needs, the number of seats, and much more. If you haven't chosen the means of transport with which you will travel, we are at your disposal and we can't wait to help you in this regard with one of the cars in our fleet!

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