The most useful tips for renting a car

The most useful tips for renting a car

If you've ever wanted to rent a car, you've probably come across some of the following: who can rent a car, what documents you need, what the price includes, how to make a reservation, or what happens in the event of an accident.
Each person has their own worries and restraints, so we try to help you with useful tips for renting a car.

Who can rent a car through the rent a car service?
The most important thing to know is that anyone who wants to rent a car through Win Rent a Car must be at least 21 years old.
The safety of those who rent a car is a priority for us, that is why a driving license of at least one year is required.

What documents do I need to rent a car?
You need a driver's license and an ID card or passport to complete the rental agreement. Of course, these must be valid during the rental period.

What does the rental price include?
A frequent concern of those who are going to use the car rental service is the final price. There are often hidden prices, but we want the process to be transparent and favorable to both parties.

Prices for renting a car from Win Rent a Car include:

  • renting the vehicle for the chosen period without predetermined number of kilometers
  • compulsory car insurance
  • vignette
  • takeover - free delivery throughout Cluj-Napoca

The prices displayed on the site are those with VAT included!

If we are still in this chapter, it is useful to know that the payment of the rent a car service can be made in cash, when taking over the car, or by card.

What's not included in the rental price?
Our rates do not include additional personal insurance, fuel and car rental guarantee.

Each rental is subject to a guarantee of at least 100 euros, which you will receive back on return if the contract signed by mutual agreement has been respected. It is good to know that you will pay the full guarantee when signing the contract.

When you take the car, it will have a quantity of fuel in the tank to be able to move, but on delivery it is your duty to return the car with the same amount.

How is the reservation made?
Don't think about any complicated booking process. Now it's easier than ever to book online through our fast and secure system. It is ideal to make a reservation in advance. This way you have more chances of the desired car being available. If you prefer direct interaction, you can make a reservation by phone: phone - 0747 089 754.

If you have booked in advance and there have been changes in your plans, you can change your online booking at any time. All you need is the booking code to make a change.

What do I do in the event of an accident?
If you happen to have an accident with the rented car, your obligations are as follows:

  • obtaining the names and addresses of those involved in the accident and of witnesses
  • announcing a Win Rent a Car representative within one hour of the incident about what happened
  • not leaving the vehicle unattended.

You also need to make sure that you receive the signed Police Report and Repair Authorization. If it turns out that you did not comply with the legal rules or if you do not present the mentioned documents, it will be your responsibility to make all the compensations.

Other tips for renting a car that you can follow to avoid accidents would be: do not drive to competitions, do not drive on roads that do not appear on an official map, do not leave the vehicle with the keys in contact, respect traffic rules and legislation, do not tow other vehicles or objects. Find out more in the terms and conditions section.

Now that we've provided some answers to your most frequently asked questions about car rental, we want to give you some more tips on renting a car that we've accumulated over the years through our direct experience.

Booking duration
We recommend that you analyze the period for which you rent the car and the reason, because the longer-term rentals have much better prices per day and can be negotiated.
You can reduce your daily cost by up to 25% - 40% if you rent for a longer period of time.

Checking the car
When you pick up the car, check the body and interior. Let us know if you think you've noticed a defect to avoid problems during booking or delivery.

If there is a defect during the rental, do not repair it without notifying us in advance. Sometimes good intentions can cause more damage. Communicate our problems and we will solve them amicably together.

Delivery - receiving the car

We offer you the delivery - free takeover of the car on the entire radius of Cluj-Napoca, but we need you to let us know in advance. Thus, our recommendation is to think about where you want to pick up the car before booking.

And for receiving it is desirable to contact us at least two hours in advance to inform us of the meeting place. Upon collection, you will receive a clean car and please return it in the same condition.

Are you ready to go now with a rented car?

We hope you found these car rental tips helpful.

Contact us for more details.
Phone - 0747 089 754                                    Email - OFFICEWINRENTACAR@GMAIL.COM

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