Tourist attractions in Cluj- What you must see?

Tourist attractions in Cluj- What you must see?

The city of Cluj Napoca is a city full of charm, where you certainly can't get bored. If you are in Cluj Napoca for the first time, then you should definitely put the following objectives on the list:

  • Cetățuia Park
  • Botanical Garden
  • Central Park
  • Union square
  • Cluj National Opera
  • Iulius Parc
  • Cluj-Napoca Ethnographic Museum
  • Cluj-Napoca Art Museum
  • National Museum of Transylvanian History
  • Cluj-Napoca Zoological MuseuM

However, if you want to explore a few other areas outside or near the city, we present below some attractions in Cluj County that you should consider.

Salina Turda

Turda Salt Mine is one of the most popular tourist destinations for those who arrive in the area of ​​Cluj or even Transylvania. In 2015, the Turda Salt Mine was designated a historical monument of Cluj County by the Ministry of Culture.

This is an unmissable tourist attraction if you are in Cluj County, which will surely amaze you with its grandeur and history. It is also the perfect place to spend a few hours full of fun, having the opportunity to do a lot of activities right inside the salt mine, such as: visiting the Franz Josef gallery, the extraction room, the echo room, the Terezia mine. You can also admire the salt waterfall or take a walk on the lake formed on the hearth of the Terezia mine. Moreover, here there are ping pong, mini golf or billiard tables, but also a carousel where you can have fun with friends or family.


Tarnita Lake

Another great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city on a weekend is at Lake Tarnita. It is located between the communes of Râșca, Mărișel and Gilău and covers an area of ​​215 hectares. The tranquility of the place, the contrast between the green landscape and the crystal clear lake and the fresh air make this corner of nature the perfect place to escape from everyday life. Also, access to the lake is very easy even by car. The main activities on the lake are boating, kayaking, fishing, swimming and boating.


Banffy Castle in Bonțida

You have probably heard of Banffy Castle so far, due to the fact that one of the largest music festivals in Romania, Electric Castle, takes place here. However, Banffy Castle in Bonțida attracts tourists at other times, especially during spring or summer, when the weather is favorable for walks.

The castle dates back to the 17th century, being built in the Austrian Renaissance and Baroque style and being inspired by the Castle of Versailles. It was never completed due to the outbreak of the Curut war which destroyed parts of the castle and turned it into a military base.


Bride's Veil Waterfall

A drive to the Apuseni Mountains is always welcome. Just 70 km from Cluj-Napoca is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Romania, the Bride's Veil, in the village of Răchiţele, which has a waterfall of 20 meters. Legend has it that this waterfall represents the tears of some bride and groom after their bride locked her veil in these rocks. Of course, the area is perfect for a picnic, mountaineering or ATV rides.


This was our top tourist attraction in Cluj that you must see. Rent a car from Win Rent a Car now and go on an adventure. Contact us now for more details and information!


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