Tourist Attractions in Sibiu

Tourist Attractions in Sibiu

Probably one of the counties with the most tourist attractions in Romania is the county of Sibiu, there are numerous places to visit, from buildings and museums to landscapes that take your breath away. We are sure that a holiday spent in this county will not bore you at all. Most likely, you wouldn't even have enough time to visit all the beautiful places that give color to Sibiu.
We want to present below some of the attractions of Sibiu county, attractions with which we will surely arouse your curiosity and the desire to visit them in the near future.

Sibiu Main Square

It has existed since 1366, delighting us with its architectural spectacle. Whichever part of the city you come from, you can't help but meet this historic center, all roads leading to this wonderful place.
Piata Mare stands out for its historical buildings and large collection of statues, many of which were built a few hundred years ago.

Clay Castle

Ever since 2017, the year in which it was inaugurated, the Clay Castle has been very successful, with many people choosing to visit this fascinating tourist attraction.
Built on the edge of the Porumbacu river, this castle is the vision of two Bucharesters who decided to move to the Sibiu area and come up with something new, which will completely change the landscape at the foot of the mountains.
Castelul de Lut is located approximately 40 km from Sibiu, a relatively short drive. If you are thinking of visiting this place, you can do so by choosing to use the Sibiu Car Rental services from de la Win Rent a Car.

Paltinis resort

If you are thinking of traveling in a mountainous area and you are not necessarily looking for buildings and architectural monuments, what we recommend is a visit to the resort of Paltinis, a resort known especially for its impressive skiing. This resort was created in 1894, thus becoming the oldest mountain resort in Romania.
This location is ideal for visiting especially during the winter, but even in the warmer seasons you will be able to do different activities and in particular, you will be able to enjoy the incredible landscapes that will take your breath away.


Certainly the most spectacular road in Romania and one of the most incredible in Europe, the winding route between the mountains called Transfagarasan is a place that must be visited. The landscape is fantastic, which takes the breath away of any viewer.
The road stretched for approximately 150 km was built between 1970 and 1974, having at that time the role of a strategic road. Although there were about 5 years of torment for the people involved in building this road, the end is one that deserves all the appreciation of the workers, being able to enjoy incredible landscapes crossing this road.

If you plan to visit this fascinating road, we recommend you to rent a car from Win Rent a Car, so you don't have to worry about your personal car, or if you are traveling by plane and need a means of transportation transport, you can choose to rent a car from us. We are waiting for you with the greatest love and we are at your disposal with any other information you think you need.

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